School Catering

Our Philosophy

Caterease Ltd is a small, chef led, catering company specialising in school catering for pre-prep and prep schools.  The appreciation of good food and healthy eating begins at a young age and it is here we feel we have the biggest and longest lasting impact. 


Children love food and over the years have become more knowledgeable about what good food is. They see the programs and the celebrity chefs, they eat in restaurants and are more culturally aware then they were in the past. No longer are schools able to get away with the basics. They need an open minded caterer to help them adapt and stay current in the market.

The Food

To prepare good food you first need good ingredients. We pride ourselves in using
sustainable ingredients and aim to source most of our products locally.


By using local suppliers we not only support local business but we help save the environment as well. Caterease Ltd. uses a number of British suppliers from across the country whether it is a local mill house for British grown milled flours, the village butcher or day boat caught fish from the South Coast. Our aim is to source the best whilst maintaining costs suitable to the school. No matter what the budget we feel there is always something that can be done to support British farmers, British fishermen and the British economy.


We pride ourselves in our work method and how we manage teams in the school-catering sector. Good food starts with the finest ingredients, but even the most excellent components may be wasted if there isn’t a skilled, well trained, individual behind every dish. Chefian and his team take special care to ensure catering chefs, assistants and porters are developed in a way that fits the school’s needs.  By working on site, with a hands-on approach, Chefian and his team are able to develop individuals and increase their skills and confidence. Ensuring teams deliver the best quality food and service for the pupils and staff.

The Staff

Our menus are tailored to suit each schools specific need. By becoming an active member of the school community and identifying with pupils and parents, we are able to create a menu system engineered to get young children eating healthy. With over 24 years of culinary experience of preparing food from regions all over the world, we are able to build menus that keep children intrigued. This allows them to explore and develop different tastes, while eating a balanced meal.

Allergens and Intolerances are something we identify with on a daily basis. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and training in allergens and how to prevent them affecting you child should they have an intolerance to a food item. Whether you require gluten free foods, dairy or lactose free, vegetarian or vegan; our recipes ensure the food comes out safe and tasty. Allergen specific foods don’t have to be bland and boring; our team of chefs and consultants have the recipes and training to make your child or pupil happy at every meal time.

The Menus

Recipes are developed by considering young minds and tastes. We care what goes into the children we feed. Our meals are carefully planned and designed to assist in the development of healthy children who will grow to be healthy adults.


Preparing fresh well sourced food allows us to offer food in peak season when the nutritional qualities are at their best.


Getting children to eat right takes time and patience. Our team uses fun ways to help children identify what good healthy food is about.

The Healthy Bits

By making familiar foods fun, allows children to enjoy what they are eating.  Whether it is infusing fresh juices, making funky jellies, carving fruits and vegetables into fun shapes or baking fantastic muffins and breads. We do it without using heavy fats, substituting it with healthy bits and reducing unnecessary refined sugar. We have the right formula to make children try almost anything.

The Fun Stuff

Caterease Ltd. Trading as Chef Ian.

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